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Car air filter production line

  • Full-Auto Knife Paper Pleating Machine(JR-AUTO55-1050F)

    Full-Auto Knife Paper Pleating Machine(JR-AUTO55-1050F)

    1、The folding machine adopts upper and lower knife alternatively perform folding,from the knife automatic adjustment by computer,can reach different fold higher requirements,accurate size,as smooth as a. 2、In the paper folding machine automatic dotting counter,folding processing and preheating and forming etc.. 3、This machine can also be folded all the different rules of fold change. 4、Folding knife of this machine can change any angle,ensure the folding does not damage any kind of filter material.

  • Max width: 1050mm
  • Adjustable pleating height: 4-100mm
  • Pleating speed: 0-230pairs/min
  • Power supply: 380v/50hz
  • Motor power: 4kw
  • Preheating power: 8KW
  • Heating temp: normal-250℃
  • Working air pressure: 0.6Mpa
  • M/C weight:: 700kg
  • M/C size: 2600×1800×1800mm(L×W×H)
  • Injection moulding machine

    Injection moulding machine

    This machine is making plastic part of the car air filter

  • Screw Diameter: φ50 φ55 φ60
  • Maximum Injection Pressure: 1918 1918 1284
  • Theoretial Shot Volume: 432 522 622
  • Maximum Shot WeightPS): 393 475 566
  • Injection Rate: 302 365 622
  • Screw Speed: 0~185
  • Screw Stroke: 220
  • Nozzle Retraction Stroke: 315
  • Number of Temperature Control: 4
  • Clamping Force: 1470(150)
  • Space Between Tie-Bar: Space Between Tie-Bar
  • Minimum Mold Thickness: 260(360)
  • Open Dayight: 300
  • Open Dayight: 560(660)
  • Ejector Force: 39.2(4)
  • Ejector Stroke: 110
  • Slidable Journey: 750
  • Overall of Slipform(HxV): 750*630
  • Max Hydraulic Pressure: 13.7(140)
  • Pump Output: 116
  • Ol Tank Capacity : 425
  • Electric Power: 18.5
  • Electric Power: 12.5
  • Total Wattage: 31
  • Machine Dimension(Approx): 3.3*1.3*3.5
  • Machine Wight(Aprox): 7.5
  • Filter paper slitting machine

    Filter paper slitting machine

    sliting filter paper,filter cloth etc. filter materials

  • Type: FQJ-3
  • Maximum width of unwinding: 1000mm/2400mm
  • Maximum diameter of unwinding: Φ1100mm
  • Unwinding deviation error: ≤±0.05mm
  • Minimum slitting width: 30mm
  • Slitting speed: 0-150m/min (Constant speed control)
  • Slitting thickness: 15g-800g
  • Slitting accuracy: ≤±0.05mm
  • Maximum diameter of winding: Φ600mm
  •  Inner diameter of winding and unwinding paper core: Φ75-80mm
  •  Diameter of winding and unwinding shaft: Φ74mm
  •  Total power: 5.5KW
  • Power supply: 380V/50HZ
  • Total weight of the machine: 1000KG
  • Overall dimensions: 1900-2200-1500mm
  • Car PU air filter hot melt glue line

    Car PU air filter hot melt glue line

    A hot melt adhesive production line for the inside or outside of a car’s PU air filter.

  • Type: DBJ-5
  • Hot melt machine: 20L
  • Hose glue gun: 4 sets
  • Rubber hose: high temperature resistance *220℃
  • Efficiency: 3-10 PCS/min
  • Air pressure: 0.6MPa
  • Power supply: 380V/50HZ
  • Total power: 8KW
  • Dimensions: 6000*600*1200mm 600*800*1400mm
  • Car square PU injection machine

    Car square PU injection machine

    This machine uses double-layer internal heat-conducting oil heating and is mainly used for injecting glue into the bottom of square cars. This machine is composed of an injection machine and a workbench.

  • Type: DGN-6
  • Working speed: 200 PCS/h
  • Max working range: Polygon 100*500mm Circle max diameter 400mm
  • Glue machine: 20L
  • Glue output: 5-40g
  • Flow rate gram weight: 5-15g
  • Power: : 20KW
  • Air pressure: 0.6MPa
  • Power supply: 380V/50HZ
  • Equipment weight: 580KGS
  • Dimensions: 2000*1800*1700mm
  • Other: Touch screen control, no cleaning, fast switching, polygon, circle Two A tanks and one B tank;A can carry 90 kg, B can carry 40 kg
  • Full-auto 60 stations U-type curing oven line

    Full-auto 60 stations U-type curing oven line

    It is mainly used for curing after the injection machine injects the mold glue. The normal curing time at room temperature is about 10 minutes (when the glue is at 35 degrees and under pressure). The production line completes curing after rotating for one cycle. This can reduce the time workers spend on handling and greatly improve efficiency.

  • Type: LSX-5
  • Rotation speed: 6-20min/rotation
  • Temperature: 0-100°C adjustable
  • Heating power: 25KW,Can be controlled
  • Air pressure: 0.2-0.3Mpa
  • Number of stations: 60pcs Can increase or decrease
  • Output: 2000pcs/shift
  • Power supply: 380V/50HZ
  • Power: 28KW
  • Max height: 660mm
  • Equipment weight: 1000KGS
  • Dimensions: 17800*2500*2000mm
  • Edge trimmer

    Edge trimmer

    Equipment mainly used for trimming the edges of car PU air filter finished products, making the filter edges neat and burr-free.


    Introducing our innovative product, Automotive PU Air Filter Trimmer! Designed to meet the growing demand for high quality and well crafted automotive PU air filters, this equipment is a great addition to any automotive manufacturing facility.


    But you may ask why a car PU air filter needs a trimmer? Well, the answer lies in the need for precision and perfection in every aspect of the finished product. The edge of the car PU air filter plays a vital role in ensuring its efficiency and effectiveness in providing clean and purified air to the vehicle engine. Any imperfections in the edges can cause damage to the filtration system, reducing the overall performance and lifespan of the air filter.


  • Type: XBJ-3
  • Power supply: 220V/50HZ
  • Machine size with table: 1000*1000*400mm
  • Total power: 300W
  • Thermal cotton machine

    Thermal cotton machine

    The machine is mainly suitable for Toyota environmental protection air filter hot and cotton folding.

  • Product compatibility: 3psc/min
  • width of elements: 380mm
  • diameter of elements: 900mm
  • main power: 0.46kw
  • Working air pressure: 0.6mpa
  • Power supply: 380v/50Hz
  • M/C size: 1340×760×1470(L×W×H)
  • Material dimension: 500×480×770(L×W×H)
  • M/C weight: 200kg
  • Filter Element Heat Jointing Machine

    Filter Element Heat Jointing Machine

    This machine is used to heat jointing and forming the environment air filter element.

  • Product compatibility: 70pcs /hour
  • normal temp.~300℃: normal temp.~300℃
  • Working air pressure: 0.8MPa
  • Heating power: 6kw
  • Power supply: 380V/50Hz
  • M/C weight: 700kg
  • M/C size: 1000×1050×2500mm(L×W×H)
  • Thermal cotton machine

    Thermal cotton machine

    The equipment is mainly used for cutting cotton fabrics, paper or other non-metallic materials of different shapes.

  • Steroke speed: 0.008m/s
  • Maximum cutting powre: 120KN
  • Stamping control range: 5-60mm
  • Height: 40-140mm
  • Motor powre: 2.25kw
  • Power supply: 380v/50hz
  • Hydraulic oil capacity: 50L
  • Rubber machine dimensions: 900×1000×1400mm(L×W×H)
  • Intelligent laser folding machine

    Intelligent laser folding machine

    (1) Can produce irregular paper blocks
    (2) Can produce trapezoidal paper blocks
    (3) Can produce S-shaped paper blocks
    (4) Can produce extra-large beveled paper blocks
    (5) Can produce double straight-edged paper blocks
    (6) Can produce square paper blocks in one go, increasing efficiency by 2 times
    (7) Can produce W-shaped paper blocks
    (8) During the folding process, online cutting of excess corners can simultaneously cut four corners and apply hot melt adhesive during the folding process
    (9) Can store 20 sets of process parameters for easy access during production
    (10) Has functions such as paper stop glue, paper complete glue, paper complete stop
    (11) Has laser water cooling protection, low air pressure protection, voltage display, current display and other functions
    (12) Pneumatic drag paper feeding wheel, can achieve automatic glue avoidance function

  • Type: JR-JGZZ-5
  • Pleating speed: 60m/min
  • Max width: 400mm
  • Folding height range: 20--60mm
  • Heating temp: 0-200℃
  • Power: 15KW
  • Air pressure: 0.6Mpa
  • Power supply: 380V/50HZ
  • Equipment weight: 1500KGS
  • Dimensions: 2500*800*1100mm 1700*1000*1400mm 1600*1000*1400mm 1600*1000*1400mm
  • Other: Polygonal paper blocks can be processed Hot melt adhesive machine:(20L)
  • Car air filter paper pleating machine

    Car air filter paper pleating machine

    Key electrical components brand HMI:WECON PLC:XINJE Servo:VEICHI Low voltage component:DELIXI Pneumatic components :AirTAC Somle OLK Finished Products Product Features Introducing our revolutionary new product – Paper Block Pro! The Paper Block Pro is a cutting-edge machine designed to redefine the way paper blocks are produced. With its advanced technology and innovative features, it brings unrivaled efficiency and versatility to the block manuf...
  • Type: ZZJ-2
  • Pleating speed: 60m/min
  • Max width: 400mm
  • Folding height range: 22--60mm
  • Hot melt machine: 20L
  • Power: 10KW
  • Air pressure: 0.6Mpa
  • Power supply: 380V/50HZ
  • Dimensions: : 1500*1000*1200mm 1600*1000*1200mm 2000*800*900mm
  • Weight: 1100kg