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  • Shrink film sealing machine

    Shrink film sealing machine

    Used for automatic packaging, cutting heat shrinkable film, so that the product after heat shrinkage is tightly adhered to the surface of the product, to achieve sealing and flat external protective film.

  • Ink-jet printing machine

    Ink-jet printing machine

    Used for PU glue surface coding.

  • Number of Lines Printable: 1-4 Lines
  • Point Matrix: Standard Number 5*7, 16*16 English Alphabet, 16*16 Chinese Character, 16*16
  • Self-Edited Characters and any other point matrix within: 32*32
  • Information Storage: Up to 100 Printing Messages
  • Printing Speed: 1024 Characters/Second (5*7)
  • Operating Interface: Chinese Menu Display and Built-in Picture and Text Editor
  • Chinese Technology: Built-in International Level 1 and 2 Chinese Characters
  • Chinese Input: Pinyin Input Method and Area Code Input Method
  • Printed Content: Automatically Print Date, Time, Batch Number, Serial Number, etc.
  • Printing Substance: Metal, Plastic, Glass, Wood, Pipelines and Building Materials Surfaces are Available
  • Font Widening: Up to 9 Times
  • Packer machine

    Packer machine

    Used for air filter packing work. Frame height 800mm, table width 800mm

  • Model: MH-101A800mm
  • Weight: 200KG
  • Rated current: 5A
  • Rated voltage: 380V 50hz
  • Table height: 750mm
  • Table width: 800mm
  • Frame height: 800mm
  • Sealing machine

    Sealing machine

    Used for paper box upper and lower paper cover glue tape, suitable for paper box height up to 600mm width 500mm

  • Rated voltage: 220V 50HZ
  • Speed: 1000box/Hour
  • Adhesive tape width: 36/48/60
  • Working box size: Working box size
  • Machine size: 1890*820*1410mm