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Inner core filter paper folding machine

Short Description:

Inner core folding machine: mainly has cutting, humidifying, upper and lower heating and shaping, adjustable speed, counting, drawing lines and other functions. It is mainly used for folding the inner core paper of large vehicle air filters.

  • Type: JR-NX-5-600
  • Working speed: 15-30m/min
  • Paper width: 100-590mm
  • Folding height: 9-25mm
  • Roller specifications: can be customized
  • Temperature control: 0-190℃
  • Total power: 8KW
  • Air pressure: 0.6MPa
  • Power supply: 380V/50HZ
  • Equipment weight: 450KGS
  • Dimensions: 3300mm*1000mm*1100mm
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    Key electrical components brand

    Low voltage component:DELIXI
    Pneumatic components:AirTAC Somle OLK
    Frequency converter:VEICHI
    Electrical motor :HEBEIYANDE

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    Product Features

    Introducing the newest addition to our industrial machinery range - the Mechanical Air Filter Folder! This high-tech device brings together cutting-edge technology and unrivaled user convenience. Due to its advanced features and intuitive design, this product is ideal for manufacturers who need to fold large automotive air filter inserts.

    One of the outstanding features of this machine is its wide range of functions. It cuts, humidifies, heats (upper and lower layers), shapes, counts, and even draws lines—all at adjustable speeds. Whether you're dealing with small or large volume filter elements, this machine simplifies the process, saving you time and hassle.

    Another significant advantage of this machine is its simple and intuitive user interface. Equipped with a state-of-the-art PLC system, controlling the equipment is as easy as pressing a button. Even new users of the technology will find the machine easy to operate thanks to intuitive user prompts and a user-friendly design.

    Finally, the air filter folding machine is equipped with a high-grade heating device, which can easily adjust the temperature. This feature ensures consistent, high-quality results every time you use it, keeping your manufacturing process on track.

    In conclusion, the mechanical air filter folder is a game changer for industrial manufacturers. With its advanced features, intuitive controls and high-quality results, it is the perfect addition to any production line. Contact us today to learn more about this product and start optimizing your workflow!


    The production line is applied to auto tri-filter industry, hydraulic pressure, purification and water treatment industries, etc.

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